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Since 2018 MONTE has released 3 EPs and 2 single tracks. The First EP was Tracked and mixed by Engineer Chris Krasnow who also played drums with MONTE during their first few months as a band..  Caitlin Montclare sings and plays guitar and bass for that EP.

After Ismael Baiz joined the band as their 
full-time drummer they released "Grrrl Fight" Together.  while in search for a bassist, Montclare also played bass for that single as well.  For MONTE's second EP They had Finally landed themselves their third member and Bassist Meghan Rose and released a Christmas Album after Montclare wrote "Merry Xmas It's" over, their single about a breakup that happened on Christmas Eve.

Finally developing their style and sound MONTE released "No Motivation" A song that Montclare had written and performed in another band.  Feeling very connected to that song during the midst of a pandemic, MONTE recorded and released it with Baiz at his Studio Latin Experimental Records. 

MONTE was reached out to by Producer Barb Morrison, Who was interested in the sound and Idea of MONTE.  They wanted to lay down some tracks which turned into their third EP 'This Is MONTE' named because This was the sound they has worked for! The album was mixed by Grammy winners Jonathan Jetter and Dan Malcsh and Mastered by Brian Lucey.

MONTE is currently working on their first full-length album with Barb Morrison projected for release February 2024     
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