This is the original track off of MONTE's second EP ' A Merry MONTE Christmas" released in early December.  The song was tracked and mixed by drummer, Ismael Baiz at Latin Experimental Records and mastered by Kevin Blackler at Blackler Mastering Studios.  The video was directed by guitarist and singer, Caitlin Montclare and Brandon Warrick from Bolex studios.  The video was shot and edited by Bolex Studios (Brandon Warrick and TJ Ferrari (Camera Operator).


Vocals: Caitlin Montclare Meghan Rose Ismael Baiz

Guitars: Caitlin Montclare

Bass: Meghan Rose

Drums: Ismael Baiz

Percussion: Ismael Baiz Caitlin Montclare Meghan Rose    


Grrrl Fight is a punch in the gut and a kick to the face. The song is reminiscent of a 90's Riot Grrrl anthem, combined with MONTE's own special twist of Pop and Metal vocal lines and guitar leads.  The heavy baselines, guitar riffs, and high voltage vocal power truly translate the raw energy of MONTE on this track and on the upcoming EP Inner Demons. 

Guitar: Caitlin Montclare 

Bass: Caitlin Montclare

Drums: Ismael Baiz

Recorded By: Chris Krasnow and Eva Lawittz

Mixed By: Chris Krasnow

Mastered by: Blackler Mastering Studios

Shot By: Bolex Studios


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